For the US market the Audi A4 is arguably the most important in its line. It is not just the Audi that brought the brand back to life in the ‘90’s, it is also their highest selling vehicle in volume. The A4 has always been known for it clean and stylish exterior design, unwavering reliability and meticulous motor engineering, and not much has changed in their 2017 edition. This is now the 9th generation of the A4, and Audi has clearly learned not to mess too much with perfection.

Innovation Through Technology

Audi may have officially dropped “innovation through technology” as their slogan, but that doesn’t mean it has been dropped from the design. The 2017 Audi A4 is loaded with techie stuff that will impress even the geekiest of computer geeks. Previously only found on flagship sedans, the A4 now is equipped with:

  • Apple CarPlay
  • Android Auto
  • HUD
  • Virtual Cockpit – the latest version

Other interior features that stand out are the heated/automatically dimming/power mirrors on the outside, rearview camera and an expanded Audi Connect that locks and unlocks the car. It will also call roadside service, turn on apps through your smartphone and find your car if you lose it (in a parking lot or to thieves).

It’s as if you don’t even need to think to drive anymore. Traffic sign recognition, parking assist and Traffic Jam assist are all part of the design, as well as Exit Assist which lets you know if someone is coming from behind as you are opening the door. It all sounds confusing on paper, but once inside all of these techie tricks just fall right into place.

It’s Faster Too

32 more horses have been added to the engine, giving the 2.0 liter 252 hp. Now it only will take 5.6 seconds to get to 60 mph, only a second slower than the BMW 340i. If that’s enough, you can always upgrade to the S4 and its turbocharged 3.0 liter V-6. That one generates the strength of 354 horses.

Body Changes

You likely won’t notice the subtle changes in the body, but your gas tank may tell a different story. The 2017 Audi A4 is .9” longer and .6” wider yet somehow almost 100 pounds lighter. To accomplish this, aluminum was used to replace many of the standard (and heavy) components, resulting in a “new” generation where you don’t see much of a difference, but you’ll feel it.

The handling of the A4 has also been significantly improved through new front suspension links, torque vectoring and the optional adaptive damping. Being a bit lighter may also have something to do with the improved feel of your drive.

The differences may be subtle, but you will see and feel them once you start to drive. You shouldn’t however hear them, as the interior silence of the A8 is now a standard in the A4. That quiet, along with the incredible cabin technology and cozy seats, makes the new A4 already feel like home.