Audi has announced the arrival of the TTS Roadster to the Brazilian market. Roadster is part of the exclusive line of brand models S, which is characterized by high performance, exceptional ease of driving and distinctive finish.

Whether a Brazilian speed lover chooses the coupe or the convertible, it will be equipped with the 2.0 TFSI specially developed version that generates 286 horsepower and 380 Nm of torque, along with the exchange tronic dual-clutch six-speed S. This combination lets the TTS Roadster reach 100 km per hour in just 4.7 seconds with a maximum speed of 250 km.

Engine efficiency can be attributed to the highly effective technologies developed by Audi: indirect fuel injection supplementing the gasoline direct injection FSI, the system Audi valvelift for the exhaust valves and thermal management with integration of the collector in the cylinder head exhaust.






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The low weight of the car also helps reduce fuel consumption. The Audi TTS Coupe has a net weight of just 1365 kg – a number that is largely due to the use of ultra – strength steels and aluminum in the body construction.

Once you get inside this dream of a vehicle you find exclusive sports seats with integrated headrests that also follow the principles of lightweight design. In the panel, the cockpit of virtual Audi offers a special view S, in which a large tachometer stands as centerpiece.

The predominant horizontal lines and surfaces emphasize the width of the interior of the TTS. “Less is more” with clear lines that emphasize the lightness and sportiness of the vehicle. The instrument cluster and MMI screen combine to form a central virtual cockpit. A multifunction steering wheel is straight base rim and spokes coated with aluminum, utilizing a front airbag that takes up 40% less space without compromising safety.

But Check Out the Body on This Audi Babe

Under the hood of the Roadster is perfection, and the interior warm and cozy, but it is the body of this car that gets all the stares. As in all the TT line, the front is dominated by horizontal lines accentuating the impression that the car is stuck to the road. The front grille is wide and low, divided into two zones. These staggered lines, which originate in the network, form a V on the hood with the center of the four Audi rings.

2016 Audi TTS - Rare view


Full LED headlamps with automatic height adjustment light your way in the dark. The opening of the fuel tank on the right side, just behind the cabin, is the classic design consisting of a circle surrounded screws. Only a light touch on the TT logo and it will magically open. This is the same format on the first generation model where the hose can enter directly into the tank nozzle like a true race car.

2016 Audi TTS - Side view

2016 Side view

At the rear, the horizontal lines emphasize the TTS’s sporting capability. The lanterns have dynamic directional lights and bring a track that forms a boundary around the daytime running lights, another innovation from Audi. The third brake light is extremely thin and has an essential role in defining the shape of the taillights.

The Audi TTS coupe is destined to shock and awe and the Brazilian market, both in looks and performance. This highly progressive automobile is suitable for any kind of driving condition, making it a must have for anyone in Brazil who wants to drive fast, and look great while doing so.