Audi is not exactly known for flashy colors in their cars, at least in their mainstream lines. Yet once in a while they will make an exception, and release a special edition in a hue that is excitingly different.

One of the best examples of Audi’s escape from the ordinary was last year’s release of the powerful S3 in the United States. Only 25 of these brilliant cars were manufactured, in 5 bold colors. This Exclusive Edition package from Audi of America came at a price tag ranging from $57,250 to $59,900, depending on your choice of color.

At the lower range were the Misano Red or Sepang Blue, colors commonly offered by Audi. The higher end Exclusive Edition S3s came in Vegas Yellow, Viper Green, or Glut Orange, each blazingly brilliant inside and out. Only 5 of each were made available, driving the demand (and the price) high.

These Exclusive Edition models include all of the perks of the Prestige Package, including S Sport seats and 19 inch wheels. What makes it exclusive is not just the flashy paint job outside, but the matching colored inlays inside along with an extended leather package. You won’t find these Audis for sale anymore, but you can always ask Audi to custom make one for you.

A special edition of the S4 was introduced to the American market back in 2014. This one was only made available in a bold Nogaro Blue, with a pearl effect paint job. Matching inlays for the interior were a part of the package, which came with an MSRP of $62,900. The availability of this model and color type was limited, but Audi did make it an option to order the package in their 2015 S4 models.

Special edition models of both the A3 and A4 sedans were revealed for 2016, but sadly the only color enhancement we found was the black optic package.

Special Ordering an Audi in a Special Color

Although you will only find Audi’s in their typical colors for sale at a dealer, you always have the option of special ordering your own. This allows you to choose from an array of colors, depending on the model you choose. For example, you can make a splash with an exclusive S3 with a Solar Orange or Tukan Yellow paint job. Constructing your own Audi from the wheels up will cost you, but being behind the wheel of a customized car will be invaluable.

As Audi has emerged as a front runner in the high end car market, they have learned that a high performing engine isn’t everything. With continued focus on looks as well as brawn, they have become a sight to behold.

Special edition Audis in special colors are like a blue moon, rare yet still attainable. Don’t wait for the next limited release to snag yours. If you have a passion for an exclusive Audi, just ask them to make one for you.