Want to smoke the Bimmer next to your Audi? here are 4 easy steps to get your Audi S3 ready for launch control 

Step one: switch to dynamic mode

You can do this by using Audi’s MMI dial, select > Car > Dynamic 
Or cycle to the dynamic mode by simply pressing on the drive select button.

Launch control is an electronic aid to assist drivers of both racing and street cars to accelerate from a standing start.”

— Wikipedia

Step two: turn-off traction & stability controls

Press & hold the traction control button for few seconds, this will turn off both traction & stability controls.

Step Three: Drive Sport - S Mode

If your Audi is in dynamic mode it should by default get into sport mode “S”, if for whatever reason it didn’t go into S mode you can kick the shifter down once to switch between D & S modes.

The car won’t launch if D-mode is activated, make sure you're in S mode before you "launch control”

— Tip

Step 4: Launch it!

One foot on the brake & the other flooring the throttle, wait until it reaches about 4000 RPM & let go of the brake!

That’s it, don’t forget to share you 0 to 60 in the comment section below.

Happy launching!