Audi has taken a fresh look at its super R18 Race Car for the 2016 season. With little left of its previous versions, the 2016 Audi R18 is making its competitors green with envy.

As automakers continue to be wiled into making more efficient race cars by the FIA WEC regulations, some struggle to come up with racing autos that have the speed to win without burning the gas. This is not true of Audi and their 2016 R18 Race Car.

With some innovative tweaks in design, Audi has been able to beat their own records, while gulping less gas than ever. Executives at the German automaker claim that the race car’s TDI and hybrid powertrain gives it enough boost for 1,000 horsepower. Yet, it is 10% more efficient than prior models.

For 2016, the Audi racing team will be switching classes to the 6-megajoule, making this new hybrid system recover 50% more energy. Not only is the aerodynamics of the sports machine completely new, all systems have either been totally redesigned – or at least refined – making it seem like a brand new model. Not only is it lighter and more energy efficient, it actually looks cooler than their 2015 racing cars.

What’s Different?

Seemingly everything has been changed in the R18, resulting in a race car that is ready to set records. The biggest difference however is in the green, and how much energy the engine is able to recover. Prior to this model. Audi was using a flywheel energy storage system. By switching over to a battery to accumulate energy, the new R18 is able to triple the amount of recuperated energy in comparison to their prior ancestors.

What Does Wolfgang Say About His Latest Racing Machine:

The head of Audi Motorsport- Dr. Wolfgang Ullrich – had this to say about their latest racing machine: “With our new Audi R18, we’re setting a clear signal: Audi continues to put the pedal to the metal in motorsport, deliberately relying on TDI – the world’s most successful automotive efficiency technology – at Le Mans.

The signal is indeed clear. The low environment impact of the R18, magically coupled with race winning speeds, is making the rest of the racing world green with envy.

Who Gets to Race the New Audi R18?

Two of the Audi race cars are going to debut at Silverstone on the 17th of April, and Joest from the Audi Sport Team will be behind the wheel. It will also be a competitor in this year’s Le Mans 24 hours, but with only two cars. All of the drivers from last year’s racing season will return in 2016, the only difference is that Adrien Tambay and Nico Muller have swapped teams.

Get ready to be blown away by the new R18’s sleek look and unique features. The Batmobile-like design, turbo speeds, and high efficiency engine are bound to make this speedster a superstar of any race track.