An Audi Q5 went viral couple of months ago, but not for its great looks and fantastic performance. Instead, millions of online viewers got to watch in awe as one plummeted to the ground out of nowhere (or so it looks).

The image starts seemingly innocent at first, a side view of what looks like a building but is really a multi-story parking garage in Towson, just outside of Baltimore, Maryland. As you watch, the Audi Q5 appears out of nowhere and then… wait for it…. Drops to the ground. This is something you need to rewind and watch a few times in order to understand the scope of what is happening.

Details of how this bizarre scene took place have been explained by the local Baltimore Police Department. A woman in her 20’s was in the Audi Q5, pulling into a parking space, when it accelerated forward crashing through the concrete barrier of the parking garage. It is unclear how fast she was driving or what caused her vehicle to suddenly accelerate.

The entire incident was caught on CCTV cameras placed outside of the parking garage, but no video has ever been released showing the moments inside of the garage leading up to this incredible fall.

The Audi Q5 toppled over on its descent down, landing on its roof. The driver, 23 year old Lindsay Taylor Cook was taken to a local hospital following the incident. She was not seriously physically injured in the fall thank goodness, although her pride may have been hurt a little by all of the attention.

The fact that Ms. Cook virtually walked away from that scene without suffering any serious harm is a miracle, and a kudos to Audi for their safety features. They however may want to take a look at why that Q5 accelerated, and how it was able to bust through a concrete wall at what should have been a slow speed.

The local police are investigating, but in the meantime, the internet shared the shock on social media pages all over the world.