Earlier this month various Japanese news outlets and web sites were posting “interesting” new features for Audi vehicles. The Audi A8 5.5 was only to be made available in Japan for a short time, while the A4 was getting a unique upgrade to their headlamps. Both stories released seemingly from Audi Japan.

The Audi Rice Cooker

“Vorsprung durch Technik” really does advance to a whole new level with the supposed A8 5.5. That is if you like to cook while stuck in traffic. The 5 (five) is for go and half for han, equally gohan – or rice in Japanese. Mounted in the back seat console of the vehicle is a rice cooker, which is getting its heat from the core of the engine. This should make perfect rice every time. All the driver needs to do is select their cooking option from a touch screen menu to create a rice dish that perfectly matches their preference.

The punchline for this joke is even funnier. Towards the bottom is a special gift for customers who contact their local dealer about the Audi 8 5.5. A rice paddle of course is given as consolation, with the four rings brilliantly emblazoned onto the handle. Of course even this offer has a “only to be distributed on April 1st” disclaimer.

On the same day, and coming from what appears to be the official Audi web site in Japan, is another story about a new innovation in Audi. This time in regards to the overwhelmingly popular A4. An upgrade was made to the LED headlights so that they could alert other drivers to the state of your mind.

This emoji lights would display ^0^ when the driver was in a normal state for example, thus allowing other drivers to feel comfortable enough to cut them off on the highway. Other symbols would serve to alert when the driver was not feeling well, or was annoyed behind the wheel.

This innovative system could make the detections on its own by using a thermometer and pulse counter installed in the seat. By reading temperature and heart rate, the car would be able to distinguish the mood or state of the driver, and depict that in the headlamp for the whole world to see.

The new LED headlamp system is also gracious, displaying a gratitude emotion when you are given the right of way. With pricing even being provided for the various upgrades in this system, it does appear to be the real deal. At least until you reach the end of the article where you are prompted to enjoy your April’s fool day.

Clearly Audi Japan has a great sense of humor, and is not afraid to show it. With not one, but two pranks pulled this year, they are the winners of the corporate joke by a landslide. The innovations may seem silly in hindsight, but you have to admit, when it comes to innovation through technology anything is possible in an Audi.