A Reddit user posted some Audi photos this past March, yet when you see it you will definitely do a double take.

Remember those Chevy El Camino’s of the 1950’s? Not quite a car, but certainly not a truck, those hybrid sedans are quickly brought to mind when you see the Allroad converted into a light pick-up truck. How was this done? At close inspection it would seem that the industrious individual got rid of half the roof, and then just went ahead and took the C and D pillars out too. And the end result is actually a lot cuter than you would think.

Who Would Do Such a Thing?

The events leading up to this so-called travesty are sketchy at best. The only clues in the pictures are the license plate, obviously issued in the United Kingdom, and the rustic background. Thanks to the rugged build of the Audi Allroad, the conversion to a utility vehicle is not really a bad idea.

The small size makes and exceptional suspension makes it as nimble as a goat on rough mountain roads. The newly constructed back cargo bay makes it ideal for hauling camping, fishing, or even hunting gear. The standard ground clearance for the Allroad is 8 inches, and it does have automatic load leveling built in, so it would almost seem like Audi had this use in mind for the car all along.

How Does the Allroad Look as a Truck?

We like to think that the few pictures provided are not doing the Allroad as a Camino justice. The roofline is clean, with an interesting shape and the bed looks as if it has always been there. There are some negative remarks about the place where the rear doors should be, but that looks good too as far as we can tell. Interestingly, all of the Audi features look fantastic as a part of this design.

The 2016 Audi Allroad

The unnamed brilliant Brit who converted his Allroad is obviously not driving the latest model. After a brief hiatus, the Allroad has been reintroduced in 2016, and looks more macho than ever. Don’t try and make this into a pick up however, the height adjustable suspension and off road ready low range gearing are not found in this model. It does give you the same practicality of a wagon. It also somehow manages to be a mix of luxury and rugged looks, a pairing that is not easy to pull off.

Now no one here is recommending that you start cutting through steel on your Audi, but the designers may want to take a closer look at this custom made conversion. It’s been a long time since the Camino, and it could be the right time for a comeback, even if that’s with the Audi rings leading the revolution.