If you ever need to tow a horse trailer, you will need a car that not only can pull its weight, but also allow you a safe and a comfortable journey towards your destination.

The first thing to look at when deciding whether your hatchback can tow a horse trailer or not is your vehicle’s towing capacity. It’s the maximum weight that the vehicle has been tested to tow safely. Make sure that the car you choose has enough towing capacity to handle the maximum loaded weight of your horse trailer.

Audi A3 towing capacity in numbers

With a towing capacity of up to 600kg un-braked and up to 1,800kg braked, the Audi A3 is considered to be one of the most suitable cars to tow a small trailer or caravan.



The A3 engine is considered to be ideal for towing and makes this car perfect for individuals who would like to have a safe and comfortable experience of towing their horse.

To help you gain a better understanding of the towing capabilities of the Audi A3 2.0 Quattro, I’m sharing some experiences of the users who have used this car for towing their trailer or caravan:

“Honestly, no complaints about this outfit. Towed all the way from Salford to Manchester and faced no trouble.” – Another user shared his experience of towing a trailer on a 2.8 miles long journey. The user experienced no significant issues except for minor engine spluttering.

“I tow a single trailer with an Audi A3 and it’s perfectly safe and legal.” – The experience was shared by a user in 2013 on an online forum. The user explained his towing experience to be quite comfortable and didn’t report any particular problems. “I have never struggled on hills or muddy grounds.” This provides us an insight into the engine performance of Audi A3 that possesses high horsepower and torque.

“I once tried to tow my 440kg pony with my A3. Going uphill on a lane, I met a lorry coming down and had to stop to give way. Unfortunately, the car could not get going again on the uphill and I had to unload my horse.” The review was shared by another user who experienced problem driving the car up the till. She managed to do so only after unhitching the trailer.

Given the contrasting reviews of the users, it’s recommended to first compare your vehicle’s towing capacity with the maximum loaded weight of your trailer and proceed only if the towing capacity exceeds the weight of your trailer.

Good luck towing!