First it was spied back in February, trying hard not to be noticed as it went out for a test drive in Africa. But a car this stunning and this sleek cannot hide for long, and we got a sneak peek – from a distance – of some of the changes made to the new convertible Audi.

Thankfully we had just one more month to wait until the R8 Spyder was officially unveiled. The new open top version of the popular sports car was the main event at March’s New York Auto Show in March, and for exceptional reason. The Convertible R8 Spyder from Audi is indeed a car lover’s dream.

From the front, the R8 Spyder looks deceivingly like its coupe cousin, even sharing the sharp front fascia. The back of the Audi sports car is where you will see a difference, with the engine having a ventilated cover and a design change in the window that sits behind the seats. As is typical with convertibles, there are also some unseen body reinforcements that help to make up for being topless, but they don’t have any effect on the car’s performance, even with the added weight.

Speaking of Performance

When you take a look under the hood of the R8 Spyder you find an engine that looks uncannily familiar. Audi brilliantly incorporated the engine components of the R8 LMS into the R8 Spyder, giving it sports car capabilities on top of the super cool look. The R8 LMS made its own big splash in January, taking first in its class at the Rolex 24 in Daytona. Throwing that 5.2 liter, 540 HP super charged engine inside of an Audi convertible, is one of the best ideas to come from the auto brand in years.

How fast can the Audi R8 Spyder Go? The daring driver only needs 3.6 seconds to get the Spyder to 62 mph from a complete stop. It takes most people longer to turn the key in the ignition than it will to get you up to racing speed. This is a remarkable sports car that is sure to be on the wish list of every Audi fanatic.

What Color Would You Buy?

At the New York Auto Show, Audi chose bumblebee yellow to make their convertible R8 a standout exhibit at the event. You could hear the oohs and aahs directed at the shiny car once the sheet had been pulled back. Not all of the Spyder colors have be that bright however. Audi gives you understated grays and blacks to choose from along with a dark Sepang blue or brilliant red paint job.

Spectators, fans and industry experts were blown away by the Spyder at this year’s New York Auto Show. By taking the top down, they managed to make a one of the coolest cars in the market, even cooler.